Reward 20 REB for new Realbox accounts - Register now!

Thg 04 09 2022

Now for each new register account, you will receive 20 REB as a reward. The event will take place from 14.4 and will end after 20.000 new user have registered.

1. How to register on Realbox website

Registering on Realbox website is a must to enter our investment platform and receive rewards when participating in Realbox’s events: Airdrop, bounty, referral program, etc, as well as update the latest investment opportunities.

You can easily create an account on Realbox website with only 3 steps:


Step 1: Click “Sign up” to create an account.

Step 2: Fill in your information or Login with your Facebook account.

Step 3:  Check your mailbox and click the verification link to complete.

(Look up the spam in case you don’t find Realbox’s mail confirmation)

2. How to check REB token received on Realbox website.

2.1 What is Realbox Utility Token - REB and its benefit?

REB is the native utility token of Realbox platform and it is used to pay for service fees in the Realbox ecosystem including listing, subscription, transaction, borrowing fees and paying dividends, etc...

By holding REB, Realbox’s investors have the right to receive: Unlimited upside potential due to high transaction fees and being a part of the profit derived, the opportunity to invest in real projects regardless of the token market, discounts from purchasing security tokens, earn rewards within Realbox ecosystem such as discounts, free accommodation, etc… and so many more upcoming benefits in Realbox platform.

2.2 Guide on how to check REB token received on Realbox website.


We will show you the demo of how REB tokens will appear in your account when you get the rewards from our event. 

Step 1: Log in to your account 

Step 2: Click on the avatar -> “My Portfolio” 

Step 3: In the “Wallet” menu -> click on “Exchange” 

The amount of REB token you receive will show on this panel as the image. Important note: the REB token you receive at this stage will remain locked till IDO. You will receive further notice on when you can use the REB token to trade. 

Register an account now to join our next event & receive 20 REB !

More about Realbox

Realbox (REB) is a blockchain-driven real estate platform that will innovate property investment by offering opportunities to everyone to co-invest in a fraction or share of assets. REB is built on the Binance Smart Chain platform, a utility token to enable users to use services of the Realbox platform.

So far, we have raised more than 1 million dollars through private sales and attracted up to 200.00 followers on all social media channels. We are planning to IDO in Q2. 2022.