How to define a good blockchain real estate investment platform

Thg 07 17 2022

1. Understanding Blockchain Real Estate Fundamentals 

You should have a basic understanding of what you're getting into if you plan to invest in real estate tokenization for the long term in order to pick the best platform for your investments. We advise you to explore the qualitative factors with the help of professionals before deciding whether to invest in a potential piece of real estate.

2. Project Website and Social Media

According to experts, possible investment projects will develop a very high degree of community trust through maintaining social media platforms, monitoring posting, information exchange, and two-way communication between the project team and the community.

realbox social media

You should check a website's reliability, presentation of the layout, speed of operation, and availability of any whitepapers, roadmaps, or pitch decks.

3. Team 

A successful project is always built around human criteria. If you can't find out anything about the team, that should be a warning sign for you to stop right away. Once you know who the team is, try searching on Google or social media to learn more about them, the projects they have worked on, and to compare their experience to the website's introduction to determine whether or not it is accurate.

realbox team work

An experienced, talented team will produce a terrific project with promise, building strong community trust.

4. Whitepaper and roadmap

A successful blockchain project will have a comprehensive, clearly laid out white paper and roadmap. A road map helps set expectations on how a cryptocurrency project aims to grow and adapt alongside its hoped-for success and adoption, whereas a white paper provides technical information about its concept to assist you to decide whether it has any validity.

5. Major investors and partners

List the partners who have collaborated with them or the investors who have joined the initiative. If reputable investment businesses or significant investors have already made investments in the project, that is a positive sign. It indicates that they have gotten their way and have faith in the project's long-term viability.

6. Knowing Clearly About The Core Values And Benefits

As an investor, you cannot ignore the important factor of the benefits and values ​​that the project brings. A quality crypto real estate platform will offer you very clear and specific benefits.

For example, the Realbox crypto real estate project provides users with 5 core values ​​including No large Deposit Needed, you can buy property fragments for as little as $100. Real; A better Liquidity,  it is possible to sell the property in one non-fungible token or several fungible tokens and up to hundreds or thousands of transactions per minute; Capital Growth, Rental Income, Diversification.

The values offered we put on the whitepaper very clearly and insurance for everyone reading and considering before investing. 

Moreover, Realbox will provide the benefits package for holders such as REB utility token holder benefits and security token holder rights. Holders receive a monthly rental income report, the audited financial statement of Realbox annually, the certificate of the trust agreement to represent the ownership…

You need to choose the blockchain real estate platform which provide information carefully and in detail on their whitepaper. It’s a positive sign to make your choice.

7. Beginner’s Guide to Analyzing Blockchain Real Estate Pricing Data 

  • Market Capitalization

Experts advise paying attention to market capitalization as well, which is a cryptocurrency's whole value. Additionally, market capitalization paints a clearer image of a cryptocurrency asset's growth potential. Compared to cryptocurrencies with larger, more established market caps, those with smaller market caps have a greater tendency to grow.

According to Avik Roy, managing partner of Roy Capital Advisors and author of "Bitcoin and the U.S. Fiscal Reckoning," "Market cap is of mixed value in the crypto realm."

  • Trading Volume

You should also take a quick look at the trading volume. As a measure of how readily a crypto asset might well be bought or sold, a low trading volume can be a red flag. The market for a particular coin or token will often be more liquid the higher the volume of cryptocurrency transactions.

8. Tracking The Awareness Of The Project

You can join groups about crypto, and NFT real estate to learn about market conditions, the trading capacity of the members, and find out what factors the project you’re interested in are having. How many other individuals are interested in this idea, and is there any buzz about it?

real estate nfts

These are a few of the recommendations for you to choose the highest quality blockchain real estate platform. To evaluate and decide, be cautious, composed, and discerning. 

To make a wise investment, you should immediately refer to the Realbox blockchain real estate platform. Realbox is reinventing the concept of real estate ownership. A fully integrated set of fractional ownership features, we bring together everything that’s required to build solutions for the listing and trading of real estate-backed tokens. We believe that wealth creation through real estate investment should be accessible for everyone, not just high-net-worth individuals or large corporations. 


Therefore, don't forget to visit Realbox at for additional helpful information from us.