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Thg 11 24 2022

This year marks the first anniversary of Realbox's establishment and operation. On this remarkable occasion, we would like to dedicate Realbox's staff and our partners, users, investors, and associates who have contributed to Realbox's success as a pioneer in technology-driven real estate platforms! Here's a brief recap of our operations in 2022.

Realbox was published on November 23, 2021, with the aim of offering a real estate investment platform for everyone. In just the first few months of operation, Realbox has established relationships with many partners who are well-known companies and experts in the field of Blockchain, Real Estate, and Finance,... such as STech, Remitano, Fibree , Sen Capital, Nam Property, FIMVenture, Song Foundation,...

On March 15, 2021, Realbox officially launched Realbox.io website. This first version provides users with basic functions such as registering a new account, getting prizes from events such as airdrops, bounties, referral programs, and so on to their Realbox wallet, and so on; FAQ section: Answering frequently asked questions; Invest function: preparing for the Public Sale of Realbox's real estate products.

Realbox's team is actively attending events, seminars, and workshops in order to promote the brand and expand its reach of the brand. Realbox has over 200,000 users on Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Linkedin, and Discord within only 6 months of operation. Besides, Realbox successfully raised 1 million USD in the Seed round - This proves the vision and feasibility of the project. Up to now, Realbox has attracted a community of users from all over the world, typically in the US, UK, Philippines, Brazil, Hong Kong, and Thailand,...

During this time, the Realbox team is also steadily developing and enhancing the Realbox.io website in order to prepare for the Booking, Public Sale, and IDO stages. Users can KYC directly on the website by following a few simple steps. Realbox also achieved some amazing personal results when competing in contests for Startups in the field of Blockchain, thanks to the ongoing efforts of the development team.

In particular:

  • Top 3 participating in the Qualifier 80 Startup Talent Contest 2022
  • Top 20 Vietnamese Startups organized by VnExpress
  • Top 10 Final Rounds of Startup Wheel - Startup Wheel 2022

and several other competitions.

In particular, by August 2022, the official launch of Realbox platform in Thailand marks a big milestone in Realbox's operation progress. This special launch ceremony attracted the participation of many associates, the press and investors. During the ceremony, Realbox introduced to the public the first 4 real estate products selected in the Early Booking - Booking phase including The Tropicana Garden Bao Loc, Saint Simeon Long Hai, HT Pearl Apartment, Eco Spring Sky Resident. At the end of the Booking phase, Realbox officially selected The Tropicana Garden Bao Loc as the first product of the Public Sale phase which is taking place on 8.11.2022.

Realbox would like to take this opportunity to extend our most sincere thanks to our community which always follows and supports us. Realbox will celebrate its first birthday by launching the most awaited event - the Realbox Official #IDO on Kyberswap. This is the first time ever Realbox’s native token - REB will be found on a decentralized exchange platform such as Kyberswap.

All news for this exciting event will be informed on Realbox's fanpage and official communication channels; don't miss out!