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Thg 11 11 2022


As a top performer in the Booking phase, with a total booking value of over $28,332.56, and a product that combines all golden selling points: Location - Utilities - Potential Price Increase, The Tropicana Garden Bao Loc is Realbox’s selected real estate product to enter Public Sale. Let us go through some bright spots of this project!

  • Prime location: Located in the center of B'la, making it easy to access many tourist destinations in Lam Dong, a smart investment choice with real estate development associated with tourism
  • Attractive total expected return: 27.5 - 30.5% py
  • The project has been completed and put into operation stably for 1 year

For users who have already entered Booking phase.

Booking function will automatically close at 23:59 on November 8, 2022 to switch to Public Sale phase.

(*) For users who have booked our selected products for Public Sale:

  • Your booking amount will be automatically transferred to Invest. Your transaction will be immediately recorded in our system upon its successful completion. 
  • Cashback will be credited to your Realbox wallet once our system recognizes its successful completion.

(*) For users who have booked products that are NOT selected forublic Sale:

  • Booking money invested in products that are not open for sale cannot be transferred directly from Booking to Invest. Our display when products are not selected for sale: 
  • During this phase, Realbox will be in touch with users via email and on our platform to inform them about the next steps. Users can swap to public sale products or Cancel and withdraw their booking amount to Realbox.
  • If users choose to Swap - Convert the booking amount to a product open for public sale, they will still earn a Cashback offer of up to 20% based on the total amount successfully transferred to the Invest section.
  • If users choose to Cancel - Withdraw the booking amount to Realbox wallet, they will not receive the Cashback offer according to our terms and policies.
  • Users must select one of the two functions listed above before November 15, 2022. From 00h00 (GMT+7) on November 16 2022, if users have not chosen a function, their remaining Booking amount will automatically be transferred to Realbox's public sale product.

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