A Beginner’s Guide for Real Estate Tokenization Investing

Thg 07 09 2022

What is Real Estate? 

Real estate is a phrase familiar to everyone, but to understand the concept and its essence, not many people know it. So what exactly is real estate?


Real estate includes the land and any enduring features that are tied to it, whether they are created by nature or by humans. These features can include water, trees, minerals, structures, residences, fences, and bridges. One type of real property is real estate. Real estate is a phrase used in business to describe the creation, acquisition, and sale of real estate.

Why does Real Estate remain an attractive investment channel?

Take a look at the following numbers to see why we say real estate is still a market attracting significant cash flow.

Real estate also climbed to No. 2 (it was third in 2021) as a result of receiving over 600 million USD in foreign direct investment. According to Cushman & Wakefield's first-quarter investment capital market report, the market value of real estate mergers and acquisitions (M&A) in the first quarter was the largest in the previous five years.

The Vietnam Real Estate Brokers Association lists many key factors that make real estate an alluring investment avenue. As a result, Vietnam's infrastructure is constantly being developed, particularly in major cities like Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, and surrounding provinces and cities. Airports, linking roads, and highways are giving the nation a new face. In addition to the intrinsic worth of real estate, infrastructure is important in the structure of real estate value, according to the Vietnam Real Estate Brokers Association.

So how to invest in real estate and make a profit?

To secure a safe investment and avoid being taken advantage of by people or brokers, real estate investing requires a solid understanding of the market, economy, and land law. At the same time, investing in real estate frequently necessitates raising substantial sums of money. If you must borrow money from a bank to make an investment, you must've been aware of the loan's interest rate, duration, and capacity to pay. 

As can be seen, investing in traditional real estate requires a huge amount of money from you, which for many is the savings of a lifetime. Besides, the processing procedures also take a lot of time, possibly up to several months or years, if unfortunately buying disputed or illegal land plots.

To minimize those risks and still earn a safe return, real estate tokenization was born. This is a new investment channel, applying the world's most modern security technology - blockchain, to give users a stable investment method with the lowest possible capital. An extremely effective solution for those who want to invest in real estate with a small amount of capital.

Discover real estate tokenization. What are its advantages?


The tokenization of real estate property, one of the principal use cases of blockchain in real estate, has yielded tremendous results. It helps asset and fund owners raise their capital more efficiently and provides investors with almost unlimited access to private real estate investments, along with better liquidity, greater transparency, and other eye-catching benefits.

There are difficulties with traditional real estate investments, such as a lack of liquidity, transparency issues, the use of middlemen, expensive processing costs, and the absence of fractional ownership. Tokenization has provided a solution to this issue.

Better liquidity, lower entry cost, and greater transparency are some of the biggest gains that tokenization is bringing to real estate.

Better liquidity

One of the main benefits of tokenization is liquidity, which has the ability to add value where illiquid assets are unable to. Additionally, fractional ownership can significantly improve profits in the commercial real estate sector. This may lead to investments in equity worth hundreds of billions or possibly trillions of dollars.

Lower entry cost

With conventional real estate, you can work hard and save money for decades to purchase a piece of land. Or even, many families may need to make monthly payments in order to purchase a home. The code underlying the token can be divided as a result of fractionalization, which enables the issuer or holder to sell these fractional tokens for less money. As a result, smaller investors will have an opportunity to participate in the stock market. Richer investors will receive greater options for diversification, meanwhile.

Greater transparency

Real estate investing necessitates a thorough understanding of challenging legal and land law topics. Because there are plenty of people and brokerage firms in the market who prey on inexperienced investors or those seeking rapid gains in order to swindle them. But because blockchain technology can be faked or altered by any group or person, you won't need to worry about it when investing in digital real estate. Every time a single token is involved in a transaction, everyone involved is made aware of it. Investors can therefore view the history, price, and other transaction information about the token at any time.

Choose the right place to invest in real estate tokenization

Real estate tokenization investment is a lucrative piece of cake in the market, so many start-ups or big tech giants have joined. Therefore, you need to wisely select information to invest in the right project.

We, Realbox, a blockchain real estate platform, built a precise roadmap and long-term development, providing a secure profitable investment channel, without employing opinion-oriented PR or marketing formulas. and steady, providing chances for everyone to invest in real estate.


Realbox offers investors exclusive perks in addition to the essential advantages of cryptocurrency real estate, such as Small deposits, improved liquidity, capital growth, and rental income. Ownership and cash flows are the most popular choices. In other words, investors can opt to merely be entitled to the income from the real estate or a specific portion of it, or they can claim their entire real estate and even the voting right to determine the management of The Special Purpose Vehicle.

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