Thg 12 30 2022

After the first successful REB token IDO on KyberSwap and the public sale surpassing the SOFT CAP threshold: 75% corresponding to 108,773.03 tokens sold. Marking this success, Realbox continues to list 2 types of platform tokens on Trustkey Spot Wallet.

About Trustkeys Network

Trustkey Spot Wallet is one of the products of Trustkey Network. Trustkeys Network is a Blockchain ecosystem that includes: Decentralized identity social network, cryptocurrency exchange and digital asset storage wallet. Trustkeys Network was built in 2018 before launching to the community in September 2021 to help the community have the most complete Blockchain application to invest, store assets, and exchange information safely and reliably.

The platform has earned high rates from the international community for its decentralized technology and easy-to-use asset storage and transaction features.

Realbox listing on Trustkeys Network with pairs:





About REB tokens:

The REB token is the utility token of the Realbox platform which can be used to pay for service fees in the Realbox ecosystem including listing on the exchange, registration, trading, borrowing fees and paying dividends. ie, etc. REB gives owners a great source of profit with attractive benefits such as:

  • Unlimited profit potential based on high transaction fees and profit sharing
  • Have the opportunity to invest in real projects regardless of the market situation
  • Discount when buying Property Hybrid NFT
  • Get many offers in Realbox ecosystem like discount codes, free accommodation, etc.

About RTTG Token:

RTTG is an NFT hybrid property representing the real estate product The Tropicana Garden Bao Loc of the Realbox platform. The Realbox Property Hybrid NFT Token represents a tokenized portion of an asset and allows its owner to share in the profits the asset generates. An asset can consist of a single asset or a portfolio of multiple assets.

With Property Hybrid NFT Token from Realbox, users will benefit from the following:

  • Easy to start with small capital as low as $100.
  • Token value backed by real assets
  • Make your portfolio more diverse with ease
  • Receive income from recurring staking activities

Users can now easily purchase Realbox's utility tokens and NFT hybrid properties on the Trustkey platform. Start trading now at:



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