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Thg 12 03 2022

1. Promotion details

  • Users who have successfully invested in vaults The Tropicana Garden on will earn a special 5% interest rate, based on the total transaction amount.
  • The Interest will be paid within 24 hours after the platform recognizes the user's successful transaction.
  • The Interest will be paid daily at 0:00 UTC+0 to Realbox wallet in USDT.

For instance:

  • A user successfully traded $40 into The Tropicana Garden product on platform. The system recognized a successful transaction at 16:00 on December 2, 2022. As a result, the user will automatically receive interest on their account on December 4, 2022 at 00:00 UTC. If at 16:00 on December 3, 2022, the user successfully trades an additional $40, then that $40 will be added to the interest payment at 00:00 UTC on December 5, 2022. 
  • At 00:00 UTC December 4, 2022, the user will be charged an interest of $40. A $80 profit charge will be applied to the user at 00:00 on December 5, 2022 (the first $40 successfully traded by the user and the next $40 traded on December 3, 2022)

3. This Promotion is valid from December 3, 2022 until the end of the Public Sale phase.

4. Requirements

  • Eligible users are those who invest in The Tropicana Garden product and who have successfully traded in The Tropicana Garden product since public sale phase (November 29, 2022).

It's only a few days left until the 5% interest promotion ends with Public Sale. Join Realbox now to receive daily interest! 

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