Proptech Network 8th Meetup through Realbox point of view.

Thg 06 24 2022

Realbox would like to express our sincere thanks to PropTech Vietnam Network teams for hosting a fantastic event for real estate & blockchain technology lovers.


During May 19th 2022, Realbox’s team were honored to participate in Proptech Network Meetup with the goal of educating the application of blockchain into real estate and had such a great time sharing with everyone. In the end, the team is pleased that many investors are interested in real estate tokenization as a result of the event. As a real estate tokenization platform, our team behind the Realbox project can't wait to bring investment opportunities to everyone.

We strongly believe that real estate tokenization is the future of real estate with so many practical applications.

In the future, Realbox would be happy to participate in more technology-sharing as meaningful as Proptech events in order to provide investors with a more in-depth understanding of real estate tokenization. 

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