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Why Realbox?

Realbox (REB) is a blockchain-driven real estate platform that will innovate property investment by offering opportunities to everyone to co-invest in a fraction or share of assets. REB is built on the Binance Smart Chain platform, a utility token is to enable users to use services of the Realbox platform.

Small deposit

Better liquidity

Rental income

Capital growth

Rent to own


Realbox in the media

Benefits for utility token holders

Upside potential

Upside potential from the potential increase in token value due to high transactions from the Realbox internal trading platform

Invest in real projects

We run a real business with real use cases regardless of the token market

Receive discounts

Utility token holders receive preferred rights to buy vault tokens at discount prices

Earn profits from staking

Receive shared profits and earn rewards within Realbox ecosystem such as discounts, free accommodation, etc…

Benefits for vault token holders

Invest with small amount

You can start investing in real estate with a small amount of money, starting from as low as $100

Backed by real assets

Our vault tokens are backed by real estate.

Diversify your portfolio

You can diversify your investment portfolio across multiple

Staking for more benefits

You can receive distributed income from the assets

How we tokenize real assets

An innovative solution offering co-ownership of real estate is with Realbox's concept of fractionalizing NFTs, which can create a new highly active and efficient real estate market.

Individual or multiple assets




How to invest

Prepare capital with stablecoin


Realbox will allow the use of popular stable coins such as USDT, BUSD... to invest in buying vault token of real estate.

Join Membership


Join Realbox membership by staking a specific amount of REB depending on membership class with pre-purchase privileges, transaction percentage discount...

Selection and potential real estate investment


Real estate products are selected based on Realbox's strict criteria to bring attractive returns to investors who own vault tokens backed by physical real asset.

Profits from owning vault token


With Realbox as an intermediary for management and operation, investors' profits will be able to come from many sources such as: leasing (during the time when the project has not been sold), exchanging and buying and selling vault tokens on Marketplace, receiving principal and interest when selling the project...

Partners & Investors

Realbox Tokenomics

Realbox tokens are the native tokens for the Realbox ecosystem. We denote Realbox tokens by the ticker symbol, REB. These tokens are utility tokens and have multiple uses within the Realbox ecosystem.

Token symbol


Initial circulation

23,500,000 (2.35%)

Initial public sale price

US$ 0.05



Token Allocation




  • R&D in blockchain networks, fraction, NFTs, Defi, Security and Metaverse
  • Company Launch
  • Business idea and technological proposal for Realbox platform
  • Key founding team, investors, partners, and advisors formed



  • Product details and Roadmap released
  • Business model and NFTs Realbox concept
  • Legal framework set-up for token sale and business operations
  • Whitepaper V1.0 released 23 October 2021



  • Website launched 24/11/2021
  • Event Marketing Activities
  • Partnership agreements
  • Advisory board announcements



  • Seed round investment
  • Marketing activities
  • Token listing activities



  • Private sale
  • Token listing activities



  • Tokenize the first project / Release the first STO
  • List on Remitano
  • IDO

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Core Team & Advisors